July 23, 2012

Barf Into My Clothes, Boy! Into My Clothes!

I've written before about what I called “bush magic” – e.g. my bush taxi has broken down in the middle of nowhere, it cannot be fixed, I’m stranded, I have no food, and then, like magic, a miraculous event extricates me from the situation.  What I didn’t mention is that bush magic isn’t free.  In my experience, it’s followed by a hardship that is, in my opinion, the universe’s way of collecting what’s owed.  It’s always the same pattern: stuck in the bush > miracle occurs > endure hardship > balance is restored.

July 21, 2012

Evil Meter Maid Nightmare

I’m still not clear on why I have dreams about zombies.  Possibly because I finished the new season of Walking Dead recently.  And then there's the mefloquine.  The evil meter maid is the main antagonist, although she's absent from most of the dream.  She only appears to remind me that she thinks I'm insane.